Monthly Archives: February 2016

This technology is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

A new technology, known as Li-Fi, could one day offer internet speeds one hundred times faster than the Wi-Fi we use today. Scientists have achieved speeds in the lab of up to 224 GB per second. That’s the equivalent of downloading 18 movies in the blink of an eye. Li-Fi, or light fidelity, is now moving to trials in the real world, with office tests in Tallin, Estonia achieving speeds of 1 GB per second, 100 times the speed of traditional Wi-Fi.

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Investments, exits and top stories for Nordic startups from January

New year, new record, same old story, as investments reached a high for the second month in a row despite those months being December and January, a part of the year when things are typically quieter.

To put this month’s 48 investments into perspective, in January 2015 we tracked 12 investments, a 300% increase. Of course, naturally our and the regions news sources have improved in that time, so we have to take that into account, but even with that adjustment, it’s comfortably another huge record month for investments in Nordic startups, and one that shows no sign of abating.

48 investments may appear to be a hard-to-believe amount, but incredibly this is actually slower than the growth rate that 2015 saw from 2014, as if 2016 followed the same rate then it would see 600+ investments this year, meaning months of 50+ investments would be a regular occurrence if that rate is to be maintained.

So, although on first appearances this may seem like a peak, it may in fact just be the baseline for what could prove to be another stellar year for investment into Nordic startups.

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Temperament is more important than IQ

Warren Buffett Charlie Munger

The way to get better results in life is to learn constantly. And the best way to learn is to read effectively, and read a lot.

The truth is, most styles of reading won’t deliver big results. In fact, most reading delivers few practical advantages; shallow reading is really another form of entertainment. That’s totally fine, but much more is available to the dedicated few.

In a literal sense, we all know how to read. We learned in elementary school. But few of us take the time to improve our skills from the elementary, passive, cover-to-cover reading into a skill set that affords us real and lasting advantages.

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