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How Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation


Much fanfare has been paid to the term “disruptive innovation” over the past few years. Professor Clayton M. Christensen has even re-entered the fold clarifying what he means when he uses the term. Despite the many differences in application, most people agree on the following. Disruptive innovations are:

  1. Cheaper (from a customer perspective)
  2. More accessible (from a usability or distribution perspective)
  3. And use a business model with structural cost advantages (relative to existing solutions)

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100 Inspirational Quotes from the World’s Best Business Leaders


They’re the world’s most successful business leaders — founders of corporations worth billions, leaders of massive companies doing business around the globe. They’re charged with an enormous amount of responsibility. The decisions they’re making each day impact thousands, or even millions.

They’ve built empires.

And still, they generously share their knowledge so that those coming up in the business world can learn from them, and attempt to emulate their successes.

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Stockholm Startup City Guide

Stockholm Startup City Guide

Stockholm, having produced six unicorns to date, is the second most prolific tech hub globally – beaten only by Silicon Valley. It has a mature ecosystem where successful entrepreneurs are re-investing time and money into the many exciting startups in various phases. The community is a vivid, tight-knit one where people share knowledge and experience through several different initiatives, recurring events and natural meeting places.

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How Larry Page’s Obsessions Became Google’s Business

Larry Page is not a typical chief executive, and in many of the most visible ways, he is not a C.E.O. at all. Corporate leaders tend to spend a good deal of time talking at investor conferences or introducing new products on auditorium stages. Mr. Page, who is 42, has not been on an earnings call since 2013, and the best way to find him at Google I/O — an annual gathering where the company unveils new products — is to ignore the main stage and follow the scrum of fans and autograph seekers who mob him in the moments he steps outside closed doors.

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Just about every individual, company and sector of the economy now has access to digital technologies — there are hardly any “have nots” anymore. But a widening gap exists between the “haves” and a group we call the “have-mores”: companies and sectors that are using their digital capabilities far more than the rest to innovate and transform how they operate.

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How Successful People Network with Each Other


As you advance in your career, you have more experience and more connections to draw on for networking. But chances are you’ve also become a lot busier — as have the really successful people you’re now trying to meet. How do you get the attention of people who get dozens of invitations per week and hundreds of emails per day? And how do you find time to network with potential new clients or to recruit new employees when your calendar is packed?

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